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About Us

Welcome to our website! We are a small company, located in Dublin, Ireland. We are a Hungarian couple, organize everything together. We had a dream few years ago and this dream was able to come true this year(2017), as we got the patent to our idea. We worked hard to find out how to make a nice,smooth surface for RC airplanes. Our products are 100% hand made. We use fire rated foam to produce our high realistic models. We intend to add new types of airplanes time to time choose them carefully, looking at the hobby markets offer.
My Story: In my childhood I used to build scale models and later on I began to have an interest in modelling as well. I soon realized the difference between the type of foam that companies are mainly using and the different type of results what scale models gave. Later, that’s why I decided to find a better material to make fuselage for radio control models. In the new technology – which I can highly offer to you – we infused a little bit of the scale modelling work and the RC hobbies. It is easy to paint your piece to a different color if you desire. You can pretty much use every type of glue, paint, or color on its surface, because it’s built to have a good resistance for any type of chemicals. There is an other remarkable aspect of our product we would like to point out: the thin fuselage, what is able to give to our models more room on the inside for the electrics, and the strong foam-structure as well.
We are wishing you enjoyable flying experiences with our products!
​Pannon Drone Ltd